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As an animal chiropractor, I utilize chiropractic care which is a holistic approach to many health and performance issues in animals. Chiropractic care involves adjusting subluxations in the spine.

The spine provides may critical functions to the body including providing: a framework of support, sites for muscle attachment, protection for the central nervous system and protection of the internal organs. The bones of the spinal column are called vertebrae. Each vertebra contains a portion of the nervous system, called the spinal cord that passes through the centre of each bone. Nerves branch off the spinal cord and exits between two vertebrae to travel to all the muscles and organs of the body. Ligaments and muscles connect to the vertebral bones allowing the spinal column the bend and flex.

subluxation of the spine

Vertebral Subluxation

In chiropractic terms a vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more vertebrae is not in perfect alignment. This subluxation restricts the motion of the spine so the vertebrae cannot move through their full range of motion.

Sometimes we think of this vertebra as being ‘stuck’. Because all the vertebrae are joined by muscles and ligaments to make a single column, restricting the motion in one part of the spine will create other subluxations along the rest of the spine as the body tries to compensate for the area that is ‘stuck’.

Veterinary chiropractors locate subluxations and restore correct alignment of the spine by doing an ‘adjustment’. An adjustment is a controlled thrust done in the proper direction and with the proper strength to release a ‘stuck’ vertebra. Once the stuck vertebra is released the body can repair the tissues and restore function to that segment of the spine.

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