Chinese Medicine for Pets

dog ying yang

History Questions for TCVM Exam

When utilizing Chinese Medicine for Pets, your vet will ask the following questions to help define the animal’s problem or issue. Along with the examination of the animal, they help define the TCVM diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Appetite
  2. Stools: loose or dry, gas
  3. Thirst: Drinks small amounts frequently or a lot at once
  4. Urinary Frequency: Scanty and dark, or voluminous and clear
  5. Vomiting-when?, What?
  6. Problems falling asleep or staying asleep, dreams?
  7. Temperature preference: warm/ cool
  8. Surface preference: soft/hard
  9. When does he prefer cool/warm
  10. Restless? Especially in eve?
  11. How is energy level?
  12. Coughing/sneezing – strong or weak, time of day

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